EnRoute stands for Enhancing Resilience of urban ecosystems through green infrastructure. EnRoute is a project of the European Commission in the framework of the EU Biodiversity Strategy and the Green Infrastructure Strategy. EnRoute provides scientific knowledge of how urban ecosystems can support urban planning at different stages of policy and for various spatial scales and how to help policy-making for sustainable cities. It aims to promote the application of urban green infrastructure at local level and delivers guidance on the creation, management and governance of urban green infrastructure. Importantly, it illustrates how collaboration between and across different policy levels can lead to concrete green infrastructure policy setting.

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Update on the conference in Tallinn

The EnRoute meeting in Tallinn will be linked to the Nature-Based solutions meeting organised by the Estonian Presidency of the EU.

We tentatively planned an EnRoute meeting on 24 October while on 25 October we could join the first day of the conference. (In your contracts two days and two nights are covered for this meeting). For 24 October we plan a full day for EnRoute technical discussions about the local city assessments.

On 25 October we aim to organise a break out session on an updated indicator framework for impact evaluation of nature-based solutions and green...

Networking opportunities?

One of the aims of EnRoute is to enhance contacts between communities of practice at different scales in order to exchange experiences and knowledge on mapping, assessment and implementation of urban green infrastructure, urban biodiversity and urban ecosystem services, so as to support the further deployment of urban Green Infrastructure.

Do you know partnerships or networks which may be useful for EnRoute?

EnRoute meets in Malta on 13 and 14 June 2017

The Institute of Applied Sciences, MCAST

EnRoute organizes a one-day conference on Evidence-based planning for greener cities in collaboration with the Maltese presidency of the EU and the Institute of Applied Sciences of the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology. The central question of the meeting is how science can provide the tools to inform policy making and urban planning so that quality of life improves for every citizen. 

EnRoute kick off meeting Rome 7 and 8 March 2017

EnRoute kick off meeting Rome 7 and 8 March 2017

We organised on 7 and 8 March 2017 the EnRoute kick-off workshop at the Sapienza University of Rome. The aim of this kick-off workshop was to work on a common basis of understanding and goals, to align all participants in the work that they shall be doing, and to work on ‘ownership’ by the participants and ‘community building’. The workshop was attended by about 50 participants representing 20 cities and 19 research institutes. The workshop resulted in enthusiastic reactions of participants. It was highly valued by cities that they could learn of the experiences and knowledge of similar...

EnRoute is built on a partnership between the European Commission (DG Environment and the Joint Research Centre) and the following 20 European cities.

  • Antwerp (Belgium)
  • Helsinki (Finland)
  • Limmasol (Cyprus)
  • Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Oslo (Norway)
  • Padova (Italy)
  • Poznan (Poland)
  • Karlovo (Bulgaria)
  • Tallin (Estonia)
  • Rome (Italy)
  • The Hague (The Netherlands)
  • Utrecht (The Netherlands)
  • Trento (Italy)
  • Valetta (Malta)
  • Verona (Italy)
  • Leipzig (Germany)
  • Dublin (Ireland)
  • Glasgow (UK)
  • Manchester (UK)
  • Lyon (France)


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