Nature Based Solutions Monitoring and Evaluation. Natural Capital Accounts, Key Performance Indicators and Data Analysis

Wednesday, 28 September 2022 - 0:00

This online workshop will orient urban practitioners and stakeholders in measuring impact of their Nature Based Solutions (NBS) through the next actions:

Orient urban practitioners and stakeholders in developing robust impact evaluation frameworks for Nature Based Solutions (NBS) at different scales;

Provide a comprehensive set of indicators and methodologies and build data bases regarding NBS impacts in their cities.

Share indicators and methodologies to assess impacts of NBS across 12 societal challenges: Climate Resilience; Water Management; Natural and Climate Hazards; Green Space Management; Biodiversity; Air Quality; Place Regeneration; Knowledge and Social Capacity Building for Sustainable Urban Transformation; Participatory Planning and Governance; Social Justice and Social Cohesion; Health and Well-being; New Economic Opportunities and Green Jobs.

Exchange on objectives, practical examples, technologies and tools that improve this process of monitoring and evaluation of NBS Projects in the middle and long term.