PEGASUS Case Studies on Oppla

5 June 2018

PEGASUS is a Horizon 2020 project led by the Institute for European Environmental Policy that is helping to achieve the EU2020 vision of ‘smart, sustainable and inclusive growth’ regarding the use of agricultural and forestry land.

A major element of the PEGASUS project are 34 case studies on initiatives enhancing the provision of environmental and social benefits by agriculture and forestry carried out in 10 European countries. The case studies explored in particular market-based and multi-actor mechanisms and approaches. The case studies applied a ‘Social-Ecological Systems (SES) framework’ (adapted from McGinnis and Ostrom 2014) alongside an action-orientated and transdisciplinary approach. The aims of the case studies have been to understand the mechanisms – particularly market-based and other collaborative mechanisms – that targeted land use and land management, as well as the various factors impacting on the development and the functioning of the initiatives and, through them, on the provision of environmental and social benefits.

12 in-depth case studies from the PEGASUS project have been uploaded to Oppla:

Visit the project website for more information about PEGASUS