Webinar: Networking for the landscape

Monday, 16 April 2018 - 13:30 to 15:30 (Europe/Brussels)

The potential of collaborative governance in addressing institutional misfit in the provision of ecosystem services

This webinar is beging organised by EKLIPSE in collaboration with cp³ project.

An important challenge in environmental governance is to reach so-called ‘institutional fit’. This means to ensure that the established governance structures are spatially and temporally well-aligned to the ecosystems and ecosystem services they are meant to govern. The cp³ project analysed the potential of collaborative governance approaches to mitigate institutional misfit in landscape management, an issue with growing importance in ecosystem services governance. Thereby, we define collaborative governance as partnerships between multiple actors from the public, private, and civil society sphere of society. During the webinar, successful initiatives for collaborative governance from 3 European protection areas will be introduced.

This webinar aims to provide insights regarding the specific features through which the collaborative governance approaches could successfully address and mitigate issues of institutional misfit in landscape management. Additionally, it aims to introduce aspects of the importance of Science-Policy-Society interface regarding biodiversity and ecosystems services.