Webinar Series: Natural capital and ecosystem services in research, policy and practice

Monday, 18 September 2017 - 13:00 to 14:00 (Europe/Brussels)

How is ecosystem services included in policy?

Second in a series of webinars focusing on 6 aspects the OPERAs project explored. Each webinar will highlight the flow between knowledge, tools and practice through case material from the OPERAs exemplars and different tools. There will also be an opportunity to ask the OPERAs experts questions at the end of each webinar and the debate will continue on Oppla.

Ecosystem services (ES) need to be included in policy to minimise damage to ecosystems and to ensure sustainable supply of these essential services for human well-being. To achieve this, integration of ES is required at all levels of governance and across multiple policy sectors. This webinar will discuss how to implement high level policy initiatives and objectives into practice, using OPERAs research and results as examples.

This topic will be explored with two talks from OPERAs researchers:

  • Marianne Kettunen from the Institute for European Environmental Policy - Pursuing sustainable development through green economy - integration of ecosystem services into sectoral policies. - This talk will discuss what can be achieved through policy integration and will describe how OPERAs have developed a simple approach to facilitate the integration holistically across policies.
  • Ilse Gejzendorffer at the Tour du Valat Research Institute for the Conservation of Mediterranean Wetlands - The use of ecosystem services in the Sustainable Development Goals. - This talk will discuss the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the use of ecosystem services in this framework. She will use Mediterranean wetlands as an example of how ecosystem services knowledge can be mobilized to influence policies.

This webinar took place on Monday 18 September 2017,  at 1pm CET.

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