Webinar Series: Natural capital and ecosystem services in research, policy and practice

Monday, 2 October 2017 - 13:00 to 14:00 (Europe/Brussels)

How do you take into account trade-offs between ecosystem services in land management decision making?

Fourth in a series of webinars focusing on 6 aspects the OPERAs project explored. Each webinar will highlight the flow between knowledge, tools and practice through case material from the OPERAs exemplars and different tools. There will also be an opportunity to ask the OPERAs experts questions at the end of each webinar and the debate will continue on Oppla.

Landscapes have to fulfil many demands e.g. for food, conservation, flood protection, recreation etc. Land use decisions affect which and how much goods and services are (co-) produced by ecosystems. Management to favour certain goods and services often triggers trade-offs for others. Understanding the strength of such trade-offs, and identifying land use options that are able to minimize them is a key question. The webinar provides an overview of the state of the art in trade-off analysis. In three talks we present experiences and methods for a) the analysis of bundles of ecosystem services, b) the involvement of decision makers into trade-off analysis, c) how ecosystem service supply and demand can be considered in landscape prioritization, and d) how optimization approaches can help understand and navigate trade-offs among land use options.


  • Sven Lautenbach
  • Sandra Lavorel
  • Astrid van Teeffelen

'How do you take into account trade-offs between ecosystem services in land management decision making?' took place on Monday 2 October 2017,  at 1pm CET.

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