Webinar Series: Natural capital and ecosystem services in research, policy and practice

Thursday, 12 October 2017 - 13:00 to 14:00 (Europe/Brussels)

What should the EU consider to move towards No Net Loss (NNL)?

Fifth in a series of webinars focusing on 6 aspects the OPERAs project explored. Each webinar will highlight the flow between knowledge, tools and practice through case material from the OPERAs exemplars and different tools. There will also be an opportunity to ask the OPERAs experts questions at the end of each webinar and the debate will continue on Oppla.

Europe has successfully established a network of protected sites (Natura 2000) and protected many species of threatened fauna and flora. There is however a policy gap in the wider environment, where the conversion and fragmentation of habitats and the intensification of land use shows no sign of letting up. This a reason why the decline and loss of species has not (yet) been stopped in the EU. One solution is to introduce and implement policies that strengthen or expand requirements to avoid, mitigate and, if necessary, offset impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services, in the wider environment. There is already much experience across Europe with such requirements, and a growing shift towards achieving no net loss (or a net gain) of biodiversity where residual impacts are unavoidable. This webinar will introduce current debates on the optimal design of no net loss policies and their implementation, and discuss these in the European context.