Webinar Series: Natural capital and ecosystem services in research, policy and practice

Monday, 16 October 2017 - 13:00 to 14:00 (Europe/Brussels)

How to engage citizens in applying the ecosystem services approach?

Sixth in a series of webinars focusing on 6 aspects the OPERAs project explored. Each webinar will highlight the flow between knowledge, tools and practice through case material from the OPERAs exemplars and different tools. There will also be an opportunity to ask the OPERAs experts questions at the end of each webinar and the debate will continue on Oppla.

In this final OPERAs webinar we will share lessons learnt on citizen engagement, drawing from seven ecosystem services case studies (including rural and urban areas, coastal and mountain systems, and local and regional scales). Understanding the ecosystem services that citizens value can help motivate conservation and focus research on areas of high social importance. We present an eight-step framework for assessing the social demand for ecosystem services, which can be applied to assess citizens’ values for ecosystems. The framework consists of (1) determine study objectives, (2) identify and engage key stakeholders; (3) identify all relevant ecosystem services; (4) develop indicators for ecosystem services; (5) select method to elicit social demand; (6) elicit social demand; (7) analyze and compare social demand; and (8) assess implications. We highlight how understanding the ecosystem services that citizens value can illustrate conservation and education priorities, raise awareness of the importance of ecosystem services, and inform better policy and practice to protect and promote valuable ecosystem services.

Kim Nicholas - Eliciting Citizen Demand for Ecosystem Services: Developing and Testing a Framework in Seven European Case Studies

Anja Liski - Effective citizen engagement in ecosystem services applications: lessons learnt from the Inner Forth, Scotland