Oppla is the EU Repository of Nature-Based Solutions.

It provides a knowledge marketplace, where the latest thinking on natural capital, ecosystem services and nature-based solutions is brought together.

Its purpose is to simplify how we share, obtain and create knowledge to better manage our environment.

Oppla is an open platform that is designed for people with diverse needs and interests - from science, policy and practice; public, private and voluntary sectors; organisations large and small, as well as individuals. All are welcome and have a part to play in our community.

Membership of Oppla is free and includes access to the following services:

Ask OpplaAsk Oppla: A crowd-sourced enquiry service, where members of the Oppla community help to answer each other's questions.

MarketplaceOppla Marketplace: A knowledge supermarket where you can obtain guidance, software, data and other useful resources - as well as promote the outputs of your own project or network.

CommunityOppla Community: An easy-to-use system for networking with other members from around the world.

NNNetworkNature: The NetworkNature platform hosts the latest nature-based solutions research, best practice, news, events and resources. You can use your Oppla account to access all of the features of NetworkNature.

Over 60 universities, research institutes, agencies and enterprises are contributing to Oppla as part of a joint activity between the OPERAs and OpenNESS projects, funded by the European Commission FP7 Programme.

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