Biodiversity and nature-based solutions: report on analysis of EU-funded projects

Biodiversity and nature-based solutions: report on analysis of EU-funded projects
16 July 2020

Between November 2019 and May 2020, six independent experts undertook the analysis of EU-funded projects in the area of Nature-based Solutions (NBS) in order to assess their impact and valorise their results. Their work highlights the added value and policy relevance of EU-funded NBS projects.

Working closely with European Commission expert staff and supported by the network of Horizon 2020-funded NBS projects, the experts have produced six sectorial reports and a final consolidated report.

EU research and innovation projects were scanned for results pertaining to key areas such as biodiversity, climate change mitigation and adaptation (including flooding), water quality, air quality and microclimate, and sustainable communities. The reports contextualise the reviewed projects by presenting the state of the art in the sector, including policy developments, research results and key lessons learnt. The resulting evidence base includes figures and monetary values showing the relative cost-effectiveness of NBS and exploring how they support policy implementation.

The reports also identify knowledge gaps and propose policy recommendations to strengthen strategies and actions for the uptake of NBS, in order to deliver targeted and efficient interventions that can contribute to solving societal challenges in Europe and beyond.

The report "Biodiversity and Nature-based Solutions" presents evidence on NBS benefits in the domain of biodiversity. It explores the contribution of NBS EU-funded projects to EU biodiversity, climate and other policy objectives as well as to sustainable transition processes. The report further highlights new approaches to support the development and management of biodiverse NBS and provides insights into governance models to deliver biodiversity benefits. On this basis, the document outlines remaining research gaps and policy recommendations to promote the mainstreaming and enhanced contribution of biodiverse NBS across biodiversity and other sectoral policies, not least to foster a sustainable societal transformation in Europe and beyond.