Biodiversity and nature-based solutions

11 August 2020

Biodiversity-driven nature-based solutions embrace nature protection and sustainable management measures, but go beyond these to deliver multiple benefits alongside contributions to species and habitat protection.

A new European Commission report ‘Biodiversity and nature-based solutions’ presents findings from a review of over 30 EU-funded research and innovation nature-based solution projects to determine the contribution of these projects to EU biodiversity.

The report highlights new approaches to support the development and management of biodiverse nature-based solutions and provides insights into governance models to deliver biodiversity benefits.

The report comes in the context of the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 which aims to secure healthy, resilient, biodiversity-rich ecosystems that deliver the range of services essential to the prosperity and well-being of citizens. Nature-based solutions – with healthy and biodiverse ecosystems at their core - are central to achieving the objectives of this strategy and sustainably tackling wider societal, economic and environmental challenges.

View and download the full report.