Bring your poster to the NetworkNature Annual Event!

21 May 2024

Do you want to contribute to the NetworkNature Annual Event through inspiring NbS case studies?

NetworkNature is looking for remarkable nature-based solutions (NbS) case studies. Implemented case studies provide real-life examples showing that is possible to align people and nature. Making such cases available will help both experts and non-experts to identify the most relevant NbS cases studies across ecosystems.   

About the NetworkNature Annual Event

This year’s NetworkNature Annual Event will focus on ‘Busting myths” in relation to ecosystem management. This event will revolve around myths that NbS practice, research, policy making and business are busting or that need to be busted to ensure transformative change and reverse biodiversity loss.

In pararell to panels and presentations, the NetworkNature Annual Event will host a NbS-case-study poster exhibition. This exhibition will allow different stakeholders to understand key concepts of Nature-based Solutions by showcasing detailed information and good practices from different case studies.

Designed with a common layout, and with a strong visual component, each poster will be based on a particular case study and will showcase economic, social and/or environmental benefits.

Find out more about the event here.

How can you contribute?

We invite you to propose your own case study poster. The audience, including policy-makers, researchers, investors and businesses, educators and society at large will be exposed to real practical experiences where nature contributes to address societal challenges.

This poster will also unlock a potential online exhibition of good quality NbS case studies, and be featured in NetworkNature publications. If authors accept, the images used will be the basis for a potential future NbS pictures database, multiplying the visibility to multiply the project. Images and texts will be always accredited to the authors. 

Fill in this short form to propose your NbS case study poster (by 23rd August).

Find out more about the general conditions for this open-call here.

Join us in person in Brussels on September 25th for a day of enlightening and challenging discussions, presentations and interactive activities to reshape our understanding of how people and nature can work together.