Green Noise Barrier Sachsenheim, Germany

Noise Barrier Sachsenheim © Ralf Groemminger
Area characterisation: 

Building process of a vertical noise barrier (length 100 m, height 2.60 m )  alongside a road to block noise off a building site. Covered space 50 m².  Rain water usage from nearby buildings.



The noise barrier wall-system being used in Sachsenheim guarantees an instant green noise barrier wall, from the very first day on: The green noise barrier consists of a scaffold with galvanised steel lattice mats on both sides, filled with a core of plant substrates and then planted with pre-cultivated plant mats. Already at the time of assembly, the walls are at least fifty percent covered and they are completely green after six months.

Potential impacts/benefits: 

Usually, conventional noise barrier walls take years to be covered,
with Ivy or Virginia creeper being planted alongside the base of the
wall, encouraging natural growth of these plants. The green noise
barrier by Helix Pflanzen however ensures a fast, instant green solution. The leaf area index of the used system is 3 - 5 in the first year
and more than 7 starting in year two.

NBS benefits 
  • Developing climate change adaptation; improving risk management and resilience
  • Flood peak reduction
  • Reduce flood risk
  • Reduce load to sewer system
  • Reducing temperature at meso or micro scale
  • Developing climate change mitigation
  • Carbon sequestration and storage
  • Restoring ecosystems and their functions
  • Greater ecological connectivity across urban regenerated sites
  • Improve connectivity and functionality of green and blue infrastructures
  • Increase achievements of biodiversity targets
  • Increase Biodiversity
  • Increase quality and quantity of green and blue infrastructures
  • Enhancing sustainable urbanisation
  • Changing image of the urban environment
  • Improve air quality
  • Increase accessibility to green open spaces
  • Increase amount of green open spaces for residents
  • Increase population & infrastructures protected by NBS
  • Increase well-being
  • Provision of health benefits
  • Reduce costs for water treatments
  • Reducing wind speed
Lessons learned: 

In Germany noise mitigation has to be done by law. But using the structure and totally green it, is and add on that need a wide commitment in the city council - top down. Silo structures can be a problem.


Infrastructure activity – financed by selling the building ground

Further information

Sustainable Development Goals 
  • 3. Good Health and Well-being
  • 9. Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
  • 11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • 13. Climate Action
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