Consultation on IUCN Global Standard for Nature-based Solutions

29 January 2019

A public consultation on IUCN’s Global Standard for Nature-based Solutions is now open.

This standard aims to create a common understanding and consensus on what constitutes a good nature-based solutions. It is intended to be a simple yet robust hands-on tool that informs the planning, design and implementation of nature-based solutions, especially as an alternative to other types of development interventions such as hard infrastructure. In doing so, the standard will support wider uptake of the nature-based solutions concept.

The standard's users are intended to include governments and authorities at all levels, non-governmental organisations, private companies, the financial sector and local communities - basically all parties that may be the creators or implementers of nature-based solutions.

The consultation is open until the end of March and will help shape all elements of the standard. The consultation will help identify which of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) the nature-based solutions concept helps address and these will be referenced in the standard once it has progressed further. The standard with its guidance and verification tool will be officially launched in 2020. 

The consultation can be viewed and completed online