Varese News reports on BiodiverCities and on the citizen science initiative on swifts

Together with other 12 European cities Varese is part of BiodiverCities promoted by the European Parliament. The project aims at improving civil society participation in decision-making related to the deployment of urban green infrastructure.

Thanks to the collaboration between LIPU (Lega italiana protezione uccelli – Italian association for birds protection) and GIO (Gruppo Insubrico Ornitologia, a local ornithology association) Varese is setting up a citizen science activity for swift data collection and mapping.

The objective of the activity is to raise awareness between citizens and local administrations and collect scientific evidences to support local conservation programs.

The full article is available in Italian on this link.

Foto credits: By pau.artigas - Falciot #2Uploaded by Snowmanradio, CC BY-SA 2.0,