MINDSCAPE Summit 2019: Well-Being and Nature from Woodlands to Blueways

Event posted by GoGreenEx
Thursday, 23 May 2019 to Friday, 24 May 2019
Clarisford Park | V94 DWP7 Clarisford | Ireland

The two days of MINDSCAPE, one at UL and another in Clarisford Park, explore the fusion of mind and landscape, and how our emotions change spaces to places. Our unique relationship to nature, our connectivity to forests, rivers, lakes, parks, trees and waterscapes will be discussed in terms of cutting-edge research and innovative practice. We address the opportunities that interacting with nature can have for health, well-being and increased environmental awareness, with lessons for policy-makers, practitioners and those engaged in the promotion of outdoor activity.

The theme of this second MINDSCAPE summit is ‘Woodlands for health to tranquility on the Blueway’ and it aims to share and discuss practice and innovation in this space with particular experiences drawn from case studies, world leading research and personal narratives.