NCS Alliance Lighthouses - Leading the way for investing in nature (AM session)

Event posted by DHessenberger
Launch of the first six Lighthouses demonstrating best practice for Natural Climate Solutions.
Tuesday, 17 May 2022 - 0:00 to 23:45 (Europe/Brussels)

Text: Introducing the first Natural Climate Solutions Alliance Lighthouses! Selected based on rigorous screening criteria, they shine a light on what is possible when we invest in nature. The six NCSA Lighthouses show how #NaturalClimateSolutions successfully conserve biodiversity, based on the management by local communities and indigenous peoples at the heart of these intergenerational solutions.

Highlighting the humans behind the success, this event will demonstrate the importance of making visible the best practice – why highlight these initiatives? And why is it important to make best practice visible right now? Join us on zoom on May 17th to learn more:

Register for first webinar for Lighthouses from Indonesia and Zambia at 10:00 CEST:

Register for second webinar for Lighthouses from Indonesia, Guatemala and DRC at 16:00 CEST: