Net Impact Approaches 2019

Event posted by James Spurgeon
Thursday, 23 May 2019

Firmly established as the leading event on net impact approaches, the conference convenes leading experts and organisations on measuring impacts to demonstrate a net zero or positive impact. The event offers unparalleled insights and networking on the topic, and caters for beginners wanting to find out more and how to make a start, to experienced practitioners pushing the boundaries.

Businesses, investors, governments and consumers increasingly recognise that the existing capitalist economic model is no longer acting is society’s best overall interests. Significant shifts in how businesses operate are required to avert some potentially catastrophic outcomes. One of the most exciting and rapidly evolving shifts at present is the transition from moving beyond basic ‘sustainability’ practices of mimimising impacts to adopting at least ‘no net loss’ and ideally ‘net positive impacts’.

Why attend?

  • Firmly established as the leading annual event on net impact approaches

  • An exceptional opportunity to hear from leading experts in impact measurement, valuation and target setting (e.g. net zero, net gain, net positive) in a business context

  • Discover the latest best practice from front-runner companies and financial institutions evaluating and demonstrating the value they create for society

  • Unparalleled insights and networking on the topic, catering for beginners to experienced practitioners pushing the boundaries

What will I learn?

The conference will bring together different communities involved in all aspects of net impact approaches to:

  • Share the latest initiatives and approaches

  • Share and debate best practice

  • Provide case studies from leading organisations on quantifying, valuing and comparing business impacts (environmental & social)

  • Help drive the movement forwards by dealing with key issues

  • Facilitate collaboration and networking between the many groups involved

The content will cover all forms of approaches that identify, measure, value and compare environmental, social and economic impacts. The main focus is on a business context, building upon building upon previous years’outcomes and recommendations. Key themes include:

  • Getting started

  • Making and building the business case

  • Links with Sustainable Finance, SDGs, Science Based Targets and the Circular Economy

  • Best practice integrated environmental and social impact P&Ls and Balance Sheets

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