OPERAs D4.4 and 4.6: Report on new and enhanced Ecosystem Services Tools

The primary goal of the OPERAs project is to operationalise (i.e. put into practice) ecosystem services (ES) and natural capital (NC) concepts and incorporate them into policy and decision-making. This report focuses on the development of new tools, and the enhancement of existing ones, completed as part of the OPERAs project, which aim to facilitate the uptake and use of the ES approach. By doing so, it will provide information to cover both Deliverable 4.4 and 4.6 in the OPERAs project. This deliverable builds on the OPERAs Milestone Report 4.15 (Ingwall King and Ivory, 2015), which provided an initial summary of the ES tools that have been developed and enhanced during the first three years of the project. The report aims to answer the following four questions: • What are the key characteristics of the tools that have been developed or enhanced? • How can the tools be used together or independently to support the decision-making process? • Do the newly developed or enhanced tools help to operationalise the ES/NC concepts? • What challenges have the tool developers’ experienced, and what lessons have been learnt, during the development and testing of their tools? The report begins with a description of the tools that have been developed or enhanced, providing information on their main use and purpose, their geographical scale, and their data and resource requirements (Section 2). The third section of the report describes how the tools are, or can be, used together through a policy implementation diagram. The fourth section describes how the tools have been tested in the different exemplars and the challenges and lessons learned. Information presented in this report comes from compiling the data each of the tool developers have provided through reporting templates. The template for each tool can be found in Annex 1.