Scotland’s Natural Treasures – an illustrated ecosystem services map

Earlier this year we published Scotland’s Natural Treasures - an illustrated ecosystem services map. 

Scotland is full of natural treasures that provide endless inspiration, excitement, and enjoyment as well as supporting much of our economy. These benefits we get from nature sometimes referred to as ecosystem services, that are provided by Scotland's natural capital. 

This map provides a rich picture of many of these ecosystem services and is accompanied by a legend that explains different categories of benefits and can be used for illustration purposes and as an informative educational resource. 

The illustration was created by Sara Gelfgren from Scriberia as outreach material for the European Union FP7 project OPERAs based on ESCom's Co-Chair Marc Metzger's ideas and valuable input from Kathleen Allen, Vanessa Burton, Archie Crofton, Martina Metzger, Chris Wilson and other members of ESCom.

You can download the map and related files under the creative commons license here

Check out the twitter hastag #NatTreasuresScot as we go through each of the country's services!

Map Citation Metzger M. et al.  (2018). Scotland's natural treasures - an illustrated ecosystem services map, [image]. The University of Edinburgh.

Further information
Dr Marc Metzger
The University of Edinburgh