Share your thoughts on Climate-ADAPT

Climate-ADAPT survey
21 March 2017

European Climate Adaptation Platform (Climate-ADAPT) has launched a user and information provider survey. 

The purpose of the survey is to evaluate if Climate-ADAPT is achieving its aim to support decision-makers in Europe by providing the following three services:

  • Facilitating the collection, sharing and use of information at European level on climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation to build a consistent and updated knowledge base;
  • Assisting with the effective uptake of relevant knowledge by experts and decision makers and
  • Contributing to a greater level of coordination among sectors and institutional levels.

If you have visited the European Climate Adaptation Platform (Climate-ADAPT) or if you have submitted information to Climate–ADAPT, then please share your thoughts.

Access the survey by clicking this link (opens in a new window).

Please complete the survey by 21 April 2017, 18.00 (CEST).