Smart Technologies for NBS workshop #2

Event posted by Fiona Cooper
Wednesday, 28 April 2021 - 0:00

"Data: Problems for Nature-based Organisations and Opportunities for Nature-based enterprises"

28th April 2021

15:00 CEST

In our next Smart Technologies for NBS workshop, we will discuss the problems that organisations face in obtaining evidence to assess the impact of their nature–based solutions and how these problems can turn into opportunities for nature–based enterprises. Our panel will take you through the Connecting Nature Impact Assessment Framework steps and show you how they apply across city decision and policy-makers, academic researchers, organisations and nature-based enterprises.  We’ll touch on the market opportunities created through the establishment of data-driven NBS.

The session will look into the opportunities and challenges behind cross-sectoral collaboration for data collection, analysis and visualisation and the emerging smart-tech we can all utilise to make our lives easier.

Join us for this interactive discussion with researchers, practitioners and NBE’s where we will showcase live demos of the tools being discussed and use polls to gather your feedback on their usefulness and adaptability.


Rania Sermpezi (Glasgow City Council)

Dr. David Tomé Lourido (University of A Coruña)

Dr. Nadina Galle (Green City Watch)

Mamuka Gvilava (GeoGraphic)