State of Water report published by EEA

Lake Cap-de-Long in French Hautes-Pyrenees, At an elevation of 2161 m its 130 deap. Its created by grate dam used for hydroelectric energy station.
24 July 2018

European waters getting cleaner, but big challenges remain

The 'state of water' report published by the European Environment Agency shows that despite progress in improving the quality of Europe’s lakes, rivers, coastal waters and groundwater sources, threats such as pollution, structures like dams, and over-abstraction cause concern over their long-term health. According to the report, a vast majority of Europe’s water bodies still fail to meet the European Union’s minimum target for ‘good status’.

EU Member States have made marked efforts to improve water quality, by improving wastewater treatment and lowering the runoff of pollutants from farmland, according to the EEA report ‘European waters — assessment of status and pressures 2018’.