TAIEX-EIR PEER 2 PEER workshop on ‘Maintaining and Enhancing Ecosystem Services in Urban Regions’ on the 4th and 5th of July 2019 in Gelderland, the Netherlands.

About 40 regional biodiversity and ecosystem-services experts from European regions will meet during this workshop in order to exchange knowledge and best practices to better maintain urban ecosystem services.

TAIEX-EIR PEER 2 PEER is a practical tool of the European Commission that facilitates peer-to-peer learning between environmental authorities in EU Member States. This workshop will be organised in cooperation with the network of the Environmental Conference of the Regions of Europe (ENCORE).  The target participant group are experts or policy advisors from regional environmental authorities that are involved in ecosystem services policy making and implementation. The outcome of the workshop should help them to learn from each other and improve the results of their practical tasks. Outputs will help embed the concept of ecosystem services into policymaking for sustainable regions and cities. The outcome will also inform the next ENCORE conference in Ireland in 2020, where ecosystem services is one of the main topics.

More information is available here.