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CONEXUS – Laboratorio BioUrbano, Santiago de Chile

NBS governance workshop, Santiago+ Green Infrastructure Plan. Credits: Felipe Labrae, 2023

Within the CONEXUS project, Santiago’s Life-Lab, Laboratorio BioUrbano, is an inter-sectoral partnership between academics, public institutions, private actors, and civil society. With the aim of co-producing urban nature-based solutions (NBS) to address the important challenges faced by the city, it proposes a series of interlinked objectives:

  • Improving biodiversity, water and soil health, especially in relation to the design of green space, e.g. ensuring the presence and diversity of native plant species, or water management;
  • More equitable
  • ...

Territorial Ordering Plan (POT) of Bogotá 2022-2035 "El reverdecer de Bogotá"

On September 2021, the mayor and the District Planning Secretary presented the proposal for the Territorial Ordering Plan (POT ) 2022-2035. This POT responds and involves the Sustainable Development Goals in land use planning. Based on these areas, the plan incorporates on four pillars, including sustainable mobility, greening, a care system for women and sustainable economic economy.

CONEXUS – LISGREEN: re-naturing urban spaces in Lisbon

Urban nature. Credits: Paula Nicolau, 2022.

LISGREEN embodies the following objectives:

  • To deliver ecological services that improve residents’ quality of life through co-produced NBS;
  • To generate evidence on the role of active citizenship for integrating green infrastructure into new urban models, promoting both ecological connectivity and social cohesion;
  • To support NBS policy upscale by introducing nature-based thinking (NBT) in policy design, implementation and evaluation supported by an inter-sectorial, multi-scale, and multi-stakeholders’ approach;
  • To bring NBS to the centre-stage as a
  • ...