Financing Nature-based Solutions in Cities

Event posted by Ciaran McNally
Monday, 12 September 2022 - 9:30 to 12:30 (Europe/Brussels)

GrowGreen invites you to take part in their webinar on “Financing Nature-based Solutions in cities”. This webinar brings together city representatives, civil society, businesses, financing institutions and investors for a joint discussion on how to stimulate investments in nature-based solutions.

The recent UNEP “State of Finance of Nature” Report showed that while nature-based solutions hold the potential to address interlinked crises, the volume of finance flowing into nature remains limited. In order to meet global climate and biodiversity targets, investments in nature-based solutions need to triple by 2030 and increase four-fold by 2050 from current levels(UNEP, 2021). This calls for both public and private sector investment in nature-based solutions.

Investing in nature-based solutions helps cities to tackle flooding, heat stress, drought, poor air quality and unemployment, and helps biodiversity to flourish. Despite the increasing awareness of such benefits, there is a clear gap between current investment in nature-based solutions and the long-term financing needs of city governments to effectively respond to climate and water-related challenges.

This webinar – organised by Trinomics and IUCN in the context of the GrowGreen project – brings together various stakeholders to discuss investments in nature-based solutions from different sources, and what approaches to financing are being applied in cities. Successful examples will also be showcased, along with useful tools and opportunities for financing.