d - How can we improve remuneration of NWFP harvesters?

Resin cooperativism and business diversification: ingredients for sustainable and quality forestry job

The resinous forest of Tabuyo del Monte, León, España.

Sometimes, the profitability of a natural resource use depends more on the business model and the entrepreneurial culture on which its exploitation is based, than on productivity factors or technological development associated with the use itself.

An innovative business success case, linked to the natural resin extraction activity, such as Pinaster Servicios Medioambientales, can serve as a reference for private entrepreneurs and public decision-makers and administrators to develop and support efficient business strategies that integrate the resin activity.

Guide to the application of the territorial contract for resin tappers, an innovative institutional support formula for the natural resin sector

Pruning is a complementary work to the activity of resin extraction.

The autonomous resin tapper trade is precarious due to factors such as the seasonality of the activity, the fluctuation of resin prices, some resination campaigns are even below the profitability threshold, and the difficulty of accessing complementary sources of income.

To support the sustainability of the resin tapper job, this guide proposes a model of territorial contract tailored to this group of workers, which can be used by public administrations to supplement their income through the remuneration of specific commitments and recognition of the positive externalities generated...