Nature-based solutions – share your ideas

20 September 2019

Nature-based solutions are now widely being adopted to tackle societal challenges. The European Commission has supported cutting-edge research and innovation in nature-based solutions through Horizon 2020. There is a growing body of case studies and other evidence in Oppla, the EU repository for nature-based solutions.

There is now an opportunity to reflect on the uptake of nature-based solutions especially in the context of the Global Goals and the emerging European Green Deal. There are many unanswered questions that could help to shape the upcoming Horizon Europe research and innovation framework programme. What evidence is available now and how could new research and innovation help to answer these questions in the coming years?

The European Commission Directorate General for Research and Innovation, is inviting members of the Oppla community to reflect on some key questions and to provide their insights and ideas. The contributions will inform an upcoming assessment of project results on nature-based solutions.

The questions have been posted to Ask Oppla and everyone is invited to provide a public response that can be viewed by other members of the community:

  • Question 1 - How can we perceive, frame and implement nature-based solutions in rural contexts? What are the key links, synergies and overlaps with rural development, agro-ecology, or the farm-to-fork initiative?
  • Question 2 - What could be the role of nature-based solutions in building the circular economy?
  • Question 3 - How can we measure and demonstrate the contribution of nature-based solutions to improving public health?
  • Question 4 - What is the role of biodiversity in nature-based solutions? How biodiverse should nature-based solutions be?
  • Question 5 - How can the new European cohesion policy, including the Just Transition Fund support nature-based solutions?

During the European Research and Innovation Days in September we’ll be on the lookout for the latest expert insight on these topics. We’ll post our findings but we also need your ideas. Share your thoughts on Ask Oppla and be part of the discussion.

In addition there is still an opportunity to provide an input into the formal consultation on the Horizon Europe work programme. The deadline for responses to this questionnaire has been extended to Friday 4th October. The survey takes approximately 20 minutes, and respondents should refer to this document for background: Orientations towards the first Strategic Plan implementing the research and innovation framework programme Horizon Europe. View and complete the survey online.