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NetworkNature joins the #EdibleCitySolutions campaign to raise awareness about green urban food innovation

18 October 2021

Food isn’t just fuel – it connects us all.

Whether it’s in the form of urban agriculture initiatives, underground or rooftop farms, community gardens or healthy cooking workshops, millions of city dwellers around the world are already bringing the food they eat closer to the cities they...

World Green City Awards

15 October 2021

AIPH , the International Association of Horticultural Producers and the world’s champion for the power of plants proudly presents the AIPH World Green City Awards , which recently opened for entries for the 2022 inaugural edition.

The leading role of city authorities is...

Lukasz Szmigiel, Unsplash

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Open Rivers Programme

8 October 2021

The Open Rivers Program was officially launched on October 8, 2021, thanks to an investment of 42.5 million euros in six years by Arcadia, a charity fund of Lisbet Rausing and Peter Baldwin. The motivation of this Programme lies in the fact that European rivers are the most fragmented in the...

Bringing Nature to Cities. Mainstreaming Biodiversity and Climate Change into EU Urban Planning and Policy

6 October 2021

As part of the Global Platform for Sustainable Cities - World Bank Webinar series “ Bringing Nature to Cities: Integrated Urban Solutions to Biodiversity Loss and Climate Change ” , NetworkNature hosted a webinar on mainstreaming biodiversity and climate change into EU Urban Planning and Policy...

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