Exploring Benefits of Nature Restoration: Policy Briefs to support European decision-making

9 February 2023

In June 2022, the European Commission published its proposal for the EU Nature Restoration Regulation, with the overarching objective to implement restoration measures on at least 20% of the EU by 2030, and all ecosystems in need of restoration by 2050. This European Commission's proposal for a Nature Restoration Law is the first continent-wide, comprehensive law of its kind and will have far-reaching implications for European land and seas, for peoples' health and economical activities as well as for different sectors. It is also critical for other existing EU policy objectives, such as the EU’s climate neutrality target until 2050.

To support and raise awareness for the ambition and aims of the proposal, IEEP and the Ecologic Institute, as part of the Think Sustainable Europe network, have prepared a series of thematic policy briefs to inform policymakers of some of the key benefits of nature restoration. These briefs are based on evidence in the Commission's impact assessment of the proposal and research carried out by IEEP and Ecologic. Find out more about the individual briefs:

You can also find these briefs on the Ecologic Institute's website and on IEEP’s website