Online Brochure on the state of play of the Urban Agenda for the EU

20 June 2019

The European Commission has published an online brochure showcasing the Urban Agenda for the EU.

The brochure shows how the Urban Agenda for the EU supports innovative and good governance, more integrated working, and the UN New Urban Agenda.

The Urban Agenda for the EU is an innovative urban policy initiative, which has put multi-level governance into action. It has enabled cities, Member States, the European Commission and other key stakeholders to come together and jointly tackle pressing urban matters to deliver concrete outputs for the benefit of EU citizens.

The new brochure emphases the role of the Urban Agenda for the EU in building innovative and good governance, working in a more integrated way addressing cross-cutting issues, and in implementing the UN New Urban Agenda, followed by a range of ‘action stories’ and examples of actions supporting better regulation, better funding and better knowledge. There is scope to further reinforce urban policy in the EU through stronger and closer cooperation between cities, Member States and the EU.

Download the brochure on the European Commission's website.