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Does anyone know a study/ paper/... that used the CICES classification to research cultural ecosystem services?
Cultural service
Ecosystem services
Final Ecosystem Services
Intrinsic value
Classification and typology
Ecosystem assessment
Valuation: deliberative
Valuation: narrative
Valuation: non-monetary
Valuation: preference assessment surveys
Valuation: socio cultural
Ecosystem approach


Most of the OpenNESS project case studies make use of the Common International Classification of Ecosystem Services (CICES) and many of them include a cultural ecosystem services approach.

Examples include:

CASE 01 - Ecosystem Services in Urban Land Use Planning (Sibbesboreg in Souther Finland). This case study has a strong focus on CICES in cultural ecosystem services. The project lead, Leena Kopperoinen, has used CICES for cultural ecosystem services in many other national cases as well. She can be contacted at

CASE 03: Valuation of Urban Ecosystem Services in Oslo.

CASE 05: Regional and National Forest Management Planning (French Alps Vercors Mountain Range)

CASE 27: Sustainable Urban Planning in the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona.

Posted on: 8 Jan 2016 - 14:10