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What nature based solutions are implemented in Barcelona?


Hello Mattia Cecchinato,

Thank you for your question. Oppla has some useful resources which we think you may find helpful in answering your question.

Barcelona has undertaken NBS-inspired actions to tackle a series of societal challenges through the provision of ecosystem services. A case study “Barcelona: Nature-based Solutions (NBS) Enhancing Resilience to Climate Change”, produced by DG Research & Innovation, can be found at This case study also contains links to further information and if you have any questions then you can email Toni Pujol (Barcelona City Council, Division of Sustainability) at, or Margarita Parés (Barcelona City Council, Biodiversity Programme) at

There are a further two case studies on Oppla which can be found via our case study finder: "Mapping ecosystem services to support urban planning in the Barcelona Metropolitan Region" and "Desert in the city: Urban hybrid dunes in Barcelona".

The sand dunes exemplar was researched by our colleagues working on the OPERAs project; they have a very involved approach to the research and so have a wealth of practical experience. Jose Lascurain (Consultora de Servicios Globales Medioambientales) may be able to help you if you have more specific questions.     

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Posted on: 3 Oct 2016 - 14:06