Ask Oppla question by mlavollay

I attended the conference session this morning on Ecosystem Services - I am not sure I understand how my comments can feed into this specific process. I wish to reiterate my concern that this process should be more explicitly linked to what is happening in other parts of the world, in particular Africa. I also suggest that the role of the private sector, from small innovators to large implementors, needs to be defined in partnership terms and involved in policy dialogue as well as strategy development.


Currently, the Oppla platform is focused on Europe but we welcome input from global partners and this is something we will be proactive in encouraging as the platform develops, once it is fully operational (commencing September 2016).

Oppla has a strong focus on encouraging collaboration and co-design between the public and private sector. This will be facilitated through Oppla's 'marketplace' and 'community matchmaking' services (again, launching in September). We would welcome your input on these developments in due course.

In the meantime, we will raise your points regarding cross-sectoral and transnational collaboration with partner organisations operating globally - and also with colleagues within DG Research and elsewhere.

Posted on: 3 Mar 2016 - 16:08

If I understand correctly there is an expressed need for more inclusive and transparent dialogue between various actors to create the opportunities for future collaboration.

OPERAs team work on this issue via the exemplars and userboard. However, in my opinion the OPERAs project does itself not aim to organize a stakeholder dialogue of such a scale due to project scope and limits. 

Posted on: 4 Mar 2016 - 15:10