Ask Oppla question by Marjolein Mann

Could the Dutch Atlas of Natural Capital ( be linked to Oppla somehow? Or are there plans for another way to make natural capital data visible?


I've worked on the design of the Atlas Natural Capital in the Netherlands and also worked on many of the maps that are included in the Atlas. Work on the Atlas is coordinated by RIVM, a research institute on Public Health and Environment of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment.

In answer to your question whether the Atlas Natural Capital and Oppla could be linked, I think it can. The Atlas Natural Capital is an important source of information on Natural capital in the Netherlands, containing a lot of information that can be consulted and downloaded (maps, background info etc.) and which is explained in background information.

One of the ongoing activities is to stimulate the use of the information by setting op case studies and discussions between stakeholders. At this point there might be some possible linkages. The case studies and discussion in the Atlas are mainly local or regional orientated. It might be good to connect these cases and discussions internationally to other platforms, discussions and cases in order to exchange experiences and best practices. Through this better and more efficient learning can be stimulated.

Another possible linkage can be the use of instruments and tools developed in OperNESS/Operas/Oppla. As the Atlas contains a lot of information the question rises how all this can be processed and evaluated in a way it generates useful information for relevant stakeholders. For this smart tools (e.g. mapping, monetary valuation, trade-off analysis, socio-economic evaluation, stakeholder engagement etc.), generating easy and manageable outcomes, can meet requirements in stakeholder processes to get more insight in promising perspectives for stakeholders (including policy makers) and to facilitate their decision making process. Tool development is getting attention in the Atlas at this moment. Perhaps there is a chance to feed this development with knowledge, experience and tools that are already in place in leading international groups in the field of ESS connected to Oppla.

Posted on: 4 Mar 2016 - 18:14