OPERAs webinar 2 question by Michal Petr

Which ecosystem services are mostly included and why? Which are omitted and why?


Ilse Gejzendorffer: An interesting question and this is one of the reasons why we started this study is, why aren’t ecosystem services, the term, at all mentioned, it is only mentioned once in the SDGs. That I think is already interesting. It has been quite a difficult and daunting task to come up with only 17 targets and sub-targets and try to cover everything as best as you can. I wouldn’t say that any particular ecosystem service is missing, as they may be included implicitly but in a different language. However, a lot depends on how these goals get translated into which indicators for reporting. That’s where currently a lot of ecosystem services go missing. And I think that’s more important because really a general text is not necessarily what's going to be done in reality, but the indicators, that’s going to trigger countries investing in particular things. 

Posted on: 22 Sep 2017 - 17:35