OPERAs webinar 2 question by Dara Carroll

What are the distinctive roles for national and local government policy? Which are more impactful?


Marianne Kettunen: There is a great impact in what happens at a local level; that’s where the land is managed and ecosystems services are managed and conserved. But particularly in this context of national versus local, I would say the key role for the national level policy would be to facilitate the uptake of actions that build on the understanding of ecosystem services, by investment and by policies that are supportive and certainly don’t pull the rug from under good initiatives that are sustainable and use ecosystem services and nature based solutions. The local government and policy would be where implementation should happen and therefore that’s where there should be concrete tools and knowledge to allow effective implementation. So at a national level, I would say, facilitate. At local government policy, implement. And then of course have the system in place to make sure the two actually work together and in an effective manner.

Posted on: 22 Sep 2017 - 17:38