OPERAs webinar 3 question by Mateja Smid

I would like to ask Dr. Craig Bullock if he can explain more in details the linkages between Ecosystem Services and public goods. What kind of ESs could be understand as public goods? In what ways? How does this influence the governance and management of such ESs?


Craig Bullock: So many ecosystem services are essentially public goods. Therefore, many of those ecosystem services, for example that maintain environmental quality in terms of erosion control, water quality, pollination, so many different things are essentially public goods, because they’re shared by everybody. The same applies to cultural services as well, as many of these, for instance landscapes, are important public goods which contribute to people’s wellbeing and quality of life. So there are many different public goods involved there. It important to explore people’s relationship to those public goods through the means of social values. So whether people have an understanding of other people’s relationships and what their own relationship is, where they experience them and how they experience them.

Posted on: 3 Oct 2017 - 12:06