NBS Insight Question 2

What are the most accepted methodologies in Europe for assessing the impacts and benefits of Nature-Based Solutions in both qualitative and monetary terms? Gerardo Anzaldúa, Ecologic Institute gGmbH


I will respond to this question from a holistic perspective given my role in developing the EKLIPSE NBS Assessment Framework.  See:  http://www.eklipse-mechanism.eu/nbs_report We need to consider NBS co-benefit assessment and the process of implementation simultaneously.  From an assessment perspective we need to use a range of qualitative and quantitative techniques which demonstrate  both the monetary and non-monetary benefits of NBS within and across the 10 societal challenges presented in the NBS Impact Assessment Framework.  My expertise is in non-monetary assessments and therefore I urge the use of social value elicitation techniques such as public participation GIS techniques combined with interviews and narrative mapping exercises in both individual and deliberative decision-making contexts. The techniques used need to be sensitive to the geographic and temporal scale of NBS implementation and to the aspirations of multiple stakeholder and citizen groups.  However, the EKLIPSE report provides guidance for monetary, non-monetary and biophysical assessments of NBS co-benefits.

From a process perspective, I encourage the consideration of the multiple steps of NBS implementation.  As an extension to the EKLIPSE work, my colleagues and I recently published the following paper which presents a multi-stage process of NBS implementation http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1462901117306317 . Inclusive and multi-level governance is crucial to this process.

Posted on: 10 Oct 2017 - 14:04