NbS Insight - Question 6

What are the best mechanisms to bridge the gap between the science community and the business community so the solutions can come to fruition?


One of the challenges for businesses wanting to implement Nature-based solutions can often be not having access to the latest research and ideas. Oppla is one tool that can bridge this gap between the science community and the business community. The Oppla Community includes scientists, academics, those in private practice and businesses. It is a place where individuals and organisations can share information and form partnerships. The Oppla Marketplace allows information from scientific or academic papers, pilot projects etc to be shared with the business community allowing them to implement the latest ideas and research. Businesses can pose questions to academics and others in Ask Oppla to further their knowledge about Nature-based solutions and help them to implement appropriate solutions in their own businesses.

Posted on: 10 Oct 2017 - 16:06