OPERAs webinar 4 question by Michal Petr

How do you deal with trade-offs between ES decided by individuals and group/s?


I guess this comes down to the question, ‘who loses and who profits from a decision?’ One way of dealing with that is you could identify areas where people benefit from services, so defining the area of where decision about water quality, water provisioning affects people. So water availability is an example that is spatially explicit. You could think of who profits actually from that benefit. Otherwise you would have to identify the different demands of the different groups and take that into account. So if you think of multi-objective optimisation, then the ideas that as a scientist, I am not aiming at providing a single solution but presenting the whole range of possibilities.  Then it would be up to the democratic process to specify preference of different stakeholders and then come to a compromise solution which might be best.

Posted on: 11 Oct 2017 - 15:16