OPERAs webinar 6 question by Hyeonju Ryu

What are the key factors to successfully engage citizens? What are the motivations of the citizens to participate?


In the work that I presented we focussed on the researcher’s perspective, Anja can comment more about the citizen motivation. It is something that we looked at in a separate that I didn’t present here which was about 12 steps for successful stakeholder engagement. What we found in that study was creating space to bring people together, building trust and aligning motivations was really critical. So we break those 3 things down based on examples that we experienced but I think that’s one place to start.

Posted on: 1 Nov 2017 - 15:37

There’s 2 key motivations. It has to be interesting enough and it has to be pleasant enough. In the Inner Forth for a lot of participants the reason they came was because they wanted to hear more from us about what we knew about climate change risks in the area, for example flood risk, and possibilities for adaptation. But they also really enjoyed learning from one another, having those discussions about their local landscape. So that’s the first factor. The second factor is it has to be pleasant enough. So you have to make it into a social event. We had to organise the workshops on Saturday because they were quite long, so we could have people who were working Monday to Friday join. It had to be an interesting way of spending your Saturday, so it was important to make it inclusive so they could come with their family, they could have coffee and tea and cake. It was really a social event rather than a formal meeting. So those are the 2 key factors that I learned from my work.

Posted on: 1 Nov 2017 - 15:37