OPERAs webinar 6 question by Hyeonju Ryu

Were the participants paid? And how did you contact the local people and how many did you approach? And how many of them participated?


We decided to pay the participants a fee to compensate for their time and efforts. This was motivation for some of the younger people to participate as it was equivalent to the amount of money they would have been paid for a day’s work. However, many of the people who participated said, although it was very kind of us to pay, it wasn’t their main motivation. So the fact that we paid the participants, that definitely helped us to get more young people into the workshop who wouldn’t usually come to community meetings. I also think it’s ethical to pay as we were talking about a very long workshop, this was a 5 hour workshop. For a lot of people they couldn’t really justify doing a 5 hour event without payment. I know that some of the people that came, they used that money to pay for a baby sitter or a taxi to come to the event. So perhaps some people could also come for those reasons.

Posted on: 1 Nov 2017 - 15:39

The second part to the question, how many people did we ask to come to the event? The recruitment success rate was around 10%. I had a little clicker, so every time I approached a person on the street I would click, so that means that every 10th person that I said hello to on the High Street stopped and agreed to come to the workshop. So relatively speaking, that’s quite good because very few people would stop, so I don’t have a count of how many I did manage to stop that came to the workshop. I would say that would be about 30%.

Posted on: 1 Nov 2017 - 15:39