OPERAs webinar 6 question by Alister Scott

I see an opportunity for this work to influence local plans which is a strategic legal framework within which development management decisions are made. It struck me that there might be an opportunity to have planners or the extent to which you worked with planners as key stakeholders in research, because a lot of research I’ve done on ecosystem approach and ecosystem science, as I call it, planners are conspicuous by their absence within research groups. I was just wondering whether you do actually have that kind of presence?


I didn’t manage to get any planners into my local stakeholder group which is a shame. The people we involved were the people who were actively proposing changes in land use along the shoreline. And people who were involved in the local landscape partnerships. As far as I’m aware the planners are not a key part of either of those groups, at least in the circles that I’ve engaged in. So what you’re raising is a very interesting point.

Posted on: 1 Nov 2017 - 15:46