OPERAs webinar 6 question by Belen Endara

Have policy makers taken some of the citizens’ suggestions and applied them in local landscape planning?


I guess this question is about whether we have had any real impact on the ground. For us, I’m not sure if it has influenced any single decision. I guess it is quite hard to provide the knowledge at the time when a decision is made and to time your research findings appropriately. What our findings have been used for so far is informing local policy makers how citizens perceive the idea of managed realignment, for example. We found that actually they were generally quite positive towards that idea and the fact that local citizens appreciated the ideas of managed realignment for the biocentric values, the fact that more space should be provided for nature along the local shoreline instead of flood protection reasons. So there’s definitely been some interesting findings for the local policy makers but I’m not sure whether we’ve had any real impact on single decisions. But perhaps if we make sure that our knowledge is carried on by those that have been involved throughout the project, hopefully it will have impact in the future.

Posted on: 1 Nov 2017 - 15:47