Evidence supporting NBS benefits to ecosystem approach and biodiversity

What evidence do we have that deploying nature-based solutions could bring additional benefits to the application of the ecosystem approach in protecting, sustainably using, and restoring biodiversity? (Question asked on behalf of the European Commission).
Ecosystem approach
Ecosystem management


Overall these two things are the same - if you apply NbS with the volontary guidline of CBD (on ecoststem approaches to climate change adapation and disaster risk reduction) you apply the ecosystem approach. It's just another way of packing and expressin, another way of structuring the issue.

Most important I would say, is that the term NbS has a political momentum in som many other areas - many important policies are using NbS. We need to take the oppurtunity and use the momentum to create spin off and level up the work on NbS. 

Posted on: 4 Jun 2021 - 15:54