Frequently Asked Questions

How is Oppla different from existing platforms?
Oppla provides added value by offering focused and validated search results in combination with additional layers of knowledge and support such as related tools, experts, publications or projects.
How is Oppla different from BISE?
BISE (Biodiversity Information System for Europe) is a portal, rather than an advanced and interactive search tool. BISE focuses on biodiversity whereas Oppla complements it by focusing on ecosystem services and natural capital.
How will you ensure there is a community behind Oppla?
There is a large existing community of project partners and stakeholders involved in the OpenNESS and OPERAs projects. This community will be extended with networks that partners are part of and other related projects that are interested to share their knowledge through Oppla. Oppla will also be widely promoted online and at relevant international events.
How can you ensure that the ‘Ask Oppla’ service will always be available?
Initially the service will be available during work days only. Questions submitted via the website will be responded to within two working days.
How will Oppla succeed in continuing to provide services beyond the project funding?
Oppla has established a business plan, developed in partnership with private companies, that covers longer term funding for Oppla. A freemium model will be developed that combines a free services with a range of paid services. Also, Oppla is available to new research projects as a cheap alternative to sharing knowledge and interacting with an active community, rather than having to develop their own platforms.