BiodiverCities is a project in the context of the EU Biodiversity Strategy. It aims to enhance civil society participation in local and urban decision-making, leading to building a joint vision of the green city of tomorrow shared among civil society, scientists and policymakers. The project will collect practical examples of how to engage citizens in vision building around urban nature, monitoring, and solutions to improve urban biodiversity. It will also assess how urban green infrastructure can be used to provide local benefits for people and nature and how can it contribute to enhancing regional biodiversity. BiodiverCities is funded by a grant of the European Parliament. It is implemented by the Joint Research Centre and DG Environment. Our ambition is to deliver a roadmap to enhance the biodiversity and green infrastructure of European cities by 2030.

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Expressions of interest to participate in BiodiverCities: Update

We received 40 expressions of interest of cities to collaborate with JRC in the context of BiodiverCities. We thank all these cities for their interest in our project. We will carefully read your proposals and contact you whenever we need some additional information.  We try to finalise our assessment by 31 March but we are impacted by restrictions set by the Italian government with respect to the coronavirus outbreak in Lombardia where the JRC is located.   

Call for an expression of interest to collaborate with the BiodiverCities project

urban green in Karlovo, Bulgaria


In the wake of the European Green Deal for EU and its citizens sets out by the European Commission, “tackling climate and environmental-related challenges” have become one of the top political priorities of current times. The EU’s aim to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050 will require consistent investments, fair transition mechanisms and engagement of all publics involved – from citizens to municipalities. 

Coherently with such agenda, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) is looking for 10 cities...